Hand raised

In the nutrient rich waters of Port Underwood, Kiwa oysters are grown fully submerged at depths of about 10m - away from grit and sediment.  Careful site selection ensures maximum nutrient availability.  Our unique hanging culture ensures they filter feed in the zone where phytoplankton is at its highest.  This method of culture enables a fast growing oyster with a final harvest at around 18-22 months old.  

Over their life, they may be handled two or three times to ensure they are best positioned within the tray to access food. This sustainable approach has minimal impact on the eco-system.



Our oysters are harvested and sorted by hand by our on-water farm crew.  Immediately graded for size and quality it is a labour intense process.  No time is wasted getting these delicacies to market in generally no more than 36-48 hours from harvest.