Careful site selection with plenty of nutrients combined with the health and cleanliness of the cool waters give our oysters an outstanding flavour.  A tasting panel of local chefs agreed on the following profile:

Texture:    Firm, but uniquely creamy and decadent, almost velvety.

Nose:         Fresh ocean and seaweed aroma.

Body:         Gentle hints of brine, while creamy and sweet.

Finish:       Hints of watermelon rind with a long sweet cucumber finish.



Size & packaging

Our standard and most popular size is 45-60g.

Packaging options include: 5 doz and 10 doz pieces. Each oyster is packed cup-side down to allow a natural container for the liquor

The liquor (flavour of the bay) is regarded by connoisseurs as part of the eating experience and keeps the oysters moist.