Careful site selection with plenty of nutrients combined with the health and cleanliness of the cool waters give our oysters an outstanding flavour.  A tasting panel of local chefs agreed on the following profile:

Texture:    Firm, but uniquely creamy and decadent, almost velvety.

Nose:         Fresh ocean and seaweed aroma.

Body:         Vibrant hints of brine, while creamy and sweet.

Finish:       Long sweet cucumber finish with a mild metallic flavour on the lips.


Size & packaging

Our standard and most popular size is 45-60g.

Packaging options include: 5 doz and 10 doz pieces. Each oyster will be banded and packed cup-side down to allow a natural container for the liquor.

Elastic bands around the oyster means the adductor muscles don't have to exert as much effort to keep their valves closed and they retain their liquor beautifully. The liquor (flavour of the bay) is regarded by connoisseurs as part of the eating experience and keeps the oysters moist.