Quality assured

New Zealand operates one of the strictest quality assurance programmes for shellfish in the world.  To ensure our Kiwa oysters are consistently of the highest standard, New Zealand mandates commercial shellfish authorities sample both water and shellfish.  Under this stringent monitoring programme, no product can be harvested from farms without confirmation the water and shellfish testing during the growing cycle have declared it safe.


A guilt free indulgence

In the tradition of Kaitiakitanga (guardianship) we are focused on conserving our lands and waters, nurturing this truly magnificent gift so that future generations can enjoy and prosper.

Our New Zealand Oyster Environmental Code of Practice directs best industry practices throughout the growing and harvesting cycle to minimise potential effects on the environment. 

To mitigate impacts, the New Zealand government has a number of environmental regulatory controls in place. 

Quality Certifications

New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)    

  • Certified Risk Management Programme and HACCP system

  • Exporter Registration

  • Approved Shellfish Harvest Operator

  • Approved Shellfish Transporter

USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA)        

  • Interstate Certified Shellfish Shipper (ICSS)

European Union                    

  • Listed Fishery Products Processing Plant (PP)